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At the Earth Summit in Rio 20 years ago, three different conventions emerged, one being the Convention on Climate Change and one on Deforestation, both focussed on carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.

Because trees process carbon and, through the process of photosynthesis, produce life-giving oxygen the more deforestation that occurs for paper production, food, building materials, consumerism and clearing of natural forests for housing development, the more the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere builds.

The Miss Earth South Africa strives to educate individuals on the need to help industry to plant more trees than what we use. Every Miss Earth South Africa ambassador is required to participate in at least one tree planting initiative during her year of ambassadorship and many of the ambassadors continue to be involved long after their tenure with the organisation.

Adaptation, simply put, is the how we as human beings need to change in order to become more resistant to the effects of climate change. At the Miss Earth South Africa, we strive to help business and industry reduce their carbon footprints through greening their offices and processes and involvement in various tree and sustainable garden planting initiatives.